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810 545 - Clamping angle for niche installation

Clamping angle for niche installation

To facilitate a graceful and secure cable attachment, even in challenging installation scenarios, we have introduced the innovative clamping angle for niche installations.

819 060 - New secure-holder for guide rails

New secure-holder for guide rails (screw fixing)

The newly designed Secure-head rail holder offers a straightforward and robust installation in the top rail using just two screws.

810 263 - New Holder for Hirschmann-coupling

New Holder for Hirschmann-coupling and cable

In addition to our trusted cable clamp for the head rail, we have now expanded our product range to include a holder specifically designed for the Hirschmann coupling. This appealing and functional component enables you to provide a tidy and secure solution for cable management, enhancing the overall aesthetics and safety.

810 210 - Plastic slat clip for slat C-80

Plastic Slat Clip for C-80

This new, chic, and elegant slat clip is a contemporary replacement for the older aluminum version. The versatility of the crystal clear slat clip, compatible with all slat colors, significantly streamlines inventory and reduces storage expenses.

605 045 - design crank holder

Design crank holder with “invisible” fastening

Responding to the increasingly sophisticated design preferences of end customers, property developers, and architects, we have introduced a new, aesthetically pleasing, and elegant crank holder. This newly designed crank holder is defined by its extremely refined and delicate appearance.