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STOTTAN – specialist for system components of the sun protection industry

For more than 70 years we are developing, producing and selling system components for the sun protection industry. Our proven and well thought-out system components are the guarantee for reliable and high-quality end products. The sun protection products are sold under the brand names of the sun protection manufacturers. Our products are available exclusively from industrial customers and specialist dealers.

Permanent product development

Constant developments and improvements give the security to be always on the newest state of the art also in the future.

Efficiency logistics and worldwide shipping

Large storage capacities, well thought-out logistics and enthusiastic and motivated employees ensure fast and punctual deliveries.



810 210 - Plastic slat clip for slat C-80

Plastic Slat Clip for C-80

This new stylish and elegant slat clip replaces the old aluminium version. Now that the crystal clear slat clip can be used for all slat colours, the number of stock items and storage costs are drastically reduced.

In addition, the new slat clip is characterised by very simple assembly and extremely secure hold.

In order for the new slat clip to fit many different C-80 slats, we produce it in a standard and a slightly longer version.



819 060 - New secure-holder for guide rails

New secure-holder for guide rails (screw fixing)

The new Secure-head rail holder can be fixed easily and securely in the top rail with two screws.

This eliminates the inaccurate and difficult of  pressure fixation by hand clamps. An axial adjustment at the installation of the Raffstore can be done quickly and easily.

This new holder is again available in two different versions for different guide rails.

810 263 - New Holder for Hirschmann-coupling

New Holder for Hirschmann-coupling and cable

Besides the proven cable clamp for the head rail, we have also decided to produce a holder for the Hirschmann coupling. This attractive and practical component allows you to offer your customers a neat and safe cable management.

Surprise your customers and dealers with a professional and clean solution for 'cable management".